Born in Tehran, Iran in 1958, Behdad Moghaddasi was head of the guitar program at Tehran's Azad University. There he taught, performed, and helped found the Tehran Guitar Quartet. His solo career included performances with the Tehran Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Kayvan Mirhadizdeh, the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Fereydoon Nasseri, and the Bahman Cultural Center Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sharif Lotfi. Some of Behdad's most memorable performances include the Concierto De Aranjuez, and duets with Kazem Moazen released on CD.

Behdad has organized various educational workshops both in Iran and the United States. At Azad University, he organized a workshop focusing on 20th Century guitar including the studies of Villa Lobos and Leo Brouwer, and at the University of Tehran, he held a workshop on contemporary and programmatic music.

After immigrating to the United States, Behdad continued to teach, to perform, and to compose. Beginning in 2004 at the Philadelphia Guitar Festival, he organized workshops on Baroque and Modern music, and understanding rhythm in chamber music performance. Since their inception, these workshops have become an integral part of the festival.

The current CD represents a number of Behdad’s compositions written during the last twenty-five years. He has performed these pieces across the United States, Canada and Germany.